Good Manners Private Class

The perfect age for a puppy to be developed into a properly well behaving dog is the period of time before it turns 16 weeks old. This is the ideal time to make sure the puppy is introduced to all of the scary, and hard to deal with things that it might come across in its life. Being handled, meeting different dogs and people, traveling in different mediums like busses and cars along with the simple walking on the street. One important fact to consider is the earlier your puppy learns all these positive manners, the better they will be able to perform and act.

A good analogy that works adjacently , would be having an infant learning a language from the get-go and the difference between someone who learns a language at 7 years old. The infant who learns the earliest will be the one that is most fluent, with fewer mistakes at hand. 


What is included in the puppy package?

The take-home puppy package for basic manners and behaviours is covered in 4 sessions. This includes the following: 

  • Socialising with your puppy 
  • Preventing puppy chewing 
  • Handling the puppy 
  • Walking on loose leash. 
  • Playing Tug 
  • Potty Training 
  • Focus

Adult Dogs Private Class

Having a newly arrived dog, from a shelter or does your current dog need extra training for their correct manners? It is imperative to have a well-behaved dog, with the proper foundation for all the behaviours he should and shouldn’t be having. For this reason, we perform the same foundation behaviours as in the above package for puppies. 


These include the regular good manners package which covers 4 different sessions over the period of 2 weeks. The following behaviours are ones we make sure our students don’t leave without mastering: 

  • Walking with a loose leash 
  • Calling on your dog, having him reacting to it by coming instantly 
  • Targeting (which is important for so many behaviours.)
  • Polite public behaviour, both infront of other dogs and other people. 
  • Self Control and a settled behaviour in front of clear distractions. 




Each session is 1 hour long. 

  1. Initial Assessment $125 + Tax. 
  2. Follow-up Sessions $110 + Tax.


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