Group Classes

What program fits your needs the best?

We have a variety of classes to choose from depending on your dog needs! We split up between adult dogs and puppies teaching new life skills that will be useful for its full life. 


Choose from puppy life skills or Adult life skills for the best bang for your buck and the best behaving dog you’ve ever seen. 

Puppy Life Skills

The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour recommends  proper socialisation before 16 weeks of age. This is essential in a young dogs life and will reduce any future problematic behaviour from your puppies. 

Just like an imporper education for your infant will be forever damaging to its behaviour and its intelligence, this is very similar circumstances to the life of a new puppy. 

Having seen a large proportion of dogs that end up in shelters,  it cannot be stressed enough how important it is to take care of your puppy during these crucial weeks of its life. 


Adult Life Skills

If you just happened to adopt a dog that isn’t considered a puppy anymore (8-16 weeks old) this is the perfect class for you! 

In this class we will see the following learning outcomes: 

  • Play tug 
  • Sit & Down
  • Respond to a name anytime, and anywhere
  • Prevent harmful and support mindful behaviour. 
  • Walk Politely (no more pulling on its leash) 
  • Among other 15 new skills 


If you are looking for a new well-behaved member of the family, who you can be comfortable leaving with your children, who will behave in public situations and is not only welcoming to you but will be by your side for the rest of its life. 

*WE GIVE INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION TO DOGS, our classes at most fill up to 4 dogs.