Dog Training Tips


How can one define aggression in a dog? A lot of times its hard to understand why a dog developes aggressive tendencies, at times fearful for ones life or the one it might be attacking. Dogs can behave in a variety of ways including staring, growing, freezing up, and biting in the air. 

The intensity of these behaviours can depend fully on the dogs intentions. A dog that has not been trained properly, perhaps an abandoned dog that has been mistreated will fight for his life at all costs and show extremely aggressive behaviours given the circumstance. 


As a rule of thumb it is most likely always the best decision to not punish your dog for growling or snarling because they may take that as a sign to keep fighting and continue the aggression. 


Where does the aggression come from?

Most of the time when a dog is acting out in an aggressive manner a lot of this has to do with feelings of frustration, anxiety or at some points even fear! Dogs cannot react to things in a human level, and it is so essential to realize that. Dogs will simply react to things the best way they seem fit especially if they are not trained. 

What can I do about my dog's aggressive behavior?

To begin with it is always important to attempt to manage the environment that our dog is placed in. We want to make sure that any triggers that cause aggressiveness that we are specifically aware of, we move out of the location where the dog is located. Next we want to start working towards changing the dogs behaviour.  We need to teach these dogs that the triggers are connected to the positive things, and not negative things. 


If your dog simply sits and starts to stare at you they will not be aggressive towards any other objects. Take these next possibilities into account when the dog’s aggression sparks back up. Try to trim the dog’s nails, blow air in their face, and other methods of counter- conditioning.