Is there a right age to adopt?

Knowing whether there is a wrong or right age to adopt is essential in the adoption process. A dog that is adopted 5 years in after 5 years of abuse will behave differently than one that just got adopted from a healthy family. The adoption age only matters after a certain point, and depending on its natural behaviour from those moments.

When looking at abused pets, pets from rescue shelters there will always be a greater difficulty in the adoption process. Not only for yourself as the dog-owner, but for the dog itself that unless trained will be forever expecting to be mistreated again. Whether it was starved or beaten, or used for activities that pet dogs aren’t supposed to be used for, these dogs need to go through a whole separate manners behaviour training to make sure they are happy in a new environment.

It is recommended by the American Veterinarian Association that dogs be adopted within 16 weeks of being birth for a healthy connection with the new owner. After 16 weeks the complications with adoptions grow exponentially given that there might have been a variety of owners with different level of care.

If anyone has any past experience with adopting untrained puppies or dogs, at varying ages leave a comment for the rest of the readers to know your experience! Thanks.

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