Traveling with Dogs

A lot of my customers ask me about the option of traveling with dogs. Does it even make sense to bring a dog on a trip? Should I get a nanny for the dog? Should I leave it in a shelter? Will my friend be responsible enough to care for it for the time i’m gone for? What if I move long-term then I have to bring my dog, and how do am I going to do it?

Before my customers freak out and don’t realise that traveling with dogs is easier than it seems, my first step is letting them know that there is most definitely a way of doing it!

The first step in traveling with any pet is making sure that they have passed a regular health inspection at the veterinarian. Bring your dog to the veterinarian for a regular check-up, asserting that all vaccinations are up to date given that if you are traveling on a plane most airlines will require a health certification.

Don’t forget to bring whatever food your dog usually eats to make sure that it doesn’t freak out with the fact that they aren’t home. There are a variety of market alternatives for dog foods almost anywhere you go so if you aren’t able to get his food last minute, there will most likely be an alternative available. BE PREPARED FOR AN EMERGENCY! Have a 24 hour veterinarian or animal hospital in your cell phone to make sure that any emergency is taken care of.

Bringing your dog on a trip with you can always be scary. Crate’s are a proper way of carrying your dog into an airplane and will be the safest way of traveling with him. A lot of dogs don’t like crates and will have a hard time being in one for a long time so make sure that they are put in at the last possible moment. Make sure the crate is equipped with leak-proof bottom, that is also covered with some sort of absorbent material. Put a comfortable mat in the crate and make sure there is one of their favourite toy’s available for playing.

When arriving at a new destination, make sure that the nearest veterinarian receives him to make sure that they are healthy and haven’t had a trip that has harmed them. This last summer I took a trip with my dog all the way to Vancouver to visit my niece and realized that my golden retriever chowder had a problem in his gums. I needed a veterinary dental service but because it was late at night could only find the Kitsilano Dental Clinic which is famous clinic in Vancouver, BC and also helps dogs in emergencies! What a lifesaver!

These are just some of the few requirements and checks that you should as a dog owner make sure you are completing to assure that you and your dog have a safe trip. Here is a summarized list of all the things that you should make sure as a downer to bring for your dog on a trip. dog training
  1. Health Check-up with Veterinarian
  2. Health Certification for Flying
  3. Checking dog restrictions with the airline (Can Vary Significantly)
  4. Make a reservation for your dog!
  5. Crate requirements (scroll back up)
  6. Plan bathroom breaks
  7. Bring Toys
  8. Bring Food!
  9. Bring Water
  10. Don’t freak out if he has an emergency there are always people willing to help just like my experience in Vancouver.

Enjoy your Travels!

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