Who are we

We are a group of experienced dog trainers based out of Ontario! We are focused on providing you the best service so you can go home with the most well-behaved dog you could ever imagine. Don’t think you should train your dog? Read this

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself”

Whatever your are aiming for a well-behaved dog for the family, a dog that can be athletic and participate in sports, or your dog simply has behaviours you would like to get rid of, you are at the right place!

There is a variety of classes that you can bring your dog too. We do have weekly group classes with a variety of different aged and different breed of dogs. If you are looking for a more personal touch on each lesson, we also offer that. 

mindfulbehaviors.ca dog training

Due to our years of experience we offer a plentiful amount of resources for dog training tips, and tricks. How to do specific training moves, correcting dog body language, and general behaviour problems, we have tips for all it! 

lets start off with the basics!

A very popular Youtube Channel that goes by the name Zak George’s Dog training Revolution teaches us how to get the first 7 things to your dog. The level of comprehension and understanding that your dog develops trough these 7 things will allow you to know whether he needs special attention or not. 

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Our Success Stories

Get to know some of the proud owners of their dogs that have seen drastic changes in their dog’s behaviour and are so happy to have been part of mindfulbehaviors.ca

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